Justin MacKenzie


BA (Psych)
BA (Hons Psych)
MA Counselling Psychology
Member of Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (#003073)


For almost three decades I have been using a collaborative and developmental focus to assist clients with better understanding and adapting their approach to life’s challenges.

Experience suggests that we often unknowingly over-adapt to challenges at the expense of our mental health with well-meaning but costly coping behaviours e.g., urges, avoidance, withdrawal, people-pleasing or perfectionism to name but a few. We then survive at the expense of living.

The art of living often requires that we know who we really are (and want to be), where we are going, and how to do it.

I use the scientist-practitioner approach which relies on using evidence-based tools but tailored to one’s unique needs. These tools include the family of CBT adaptations (e.g. acceptance and commitment therapy, exposure and response prevention, behavioural activation), EMDR, couples therapy, problem-solving therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, schema work and motivational interviewing.


Working with Adolescents, Adults and Parents experiencing:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Male Sexual Issues
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Work/Life values and direction challenges

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