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We work with educators and parents to provide online/telehealth group and individual therapeutic interventions for students of both Primary and Secondary education levels through the Secret Agent Society Program (SAS) and the Cool Kids Anxiety Program (Child and Teen versions). Program fees may be covered for eligible students under funding options such as the NDIS. Read on to learn more about the programs.

Secret Agent Society (SAS)

Secret Agent Society (SAS) Small Group Program is  a breakthrough program for children aged between 8 and 12 to improve their social and emotional skills. It was created by Australian clinical psychologist, Dr Renae Beaumont, and is regarded as one of the most successful programs of its kind in the world.

Parents and Schools are an integral part of the the group program and access resources and support to help young ‘secret agents’ develop and practise new skills. This level of support across home and school is one of the reasons why SAS is so successful. SAS features gamified learning through animated ‘secret agent’ SAS Digital Headquarters (SAS Digital HQ), Helpful Thought Zapper game, Challenger Board Game, and Secret Message Transmission Device game. The entire program has been designed to captivate kids while they learn new social emotional skills in a fun way.

At the end of the SAS Small Group program, your junior detective will graduate as a ‘secret agent’, armed with the social and emotional tools they need to continue their work in the real world. They learn how to:

Students: Aged 8-12 years

Format: Initial 2 hour parent session; followed by weekly 1.5 hour child sessions and 30 minute parent sessions

Duration: 1 Term – total program time is 10 weeks with a 3 monthly and 6 monthly follow up

Requirements: each child will need access to a computer/laptop/ipad or other tablet device during session and for between session skill practice

Note: Parents 30 minute weekly sessions times are online and flexible (i.e. can be scheduled outside of work/school hours)

Cool Kids Anxiety Program

The Cool Kids Program is a world renowned skills-based program that teaches children, teenagers and their mentors how to better manage anxiety. The program was developed at Macquarie University with numerous research studies finding that most young people who complete the programs show significant improvement.

There are a range of different types of anxiety experienced by children and teenagers including finding it difficult to be away from parents, feeling extremely shy, worrying about what others think of them, avoiding social and school activities (e.g. speaking to people, school refusal) or worrying a lot about everyday matters, potential dangers and the future. Sleep difficulties, headaches, nausea and difficulty breathing can be part of these feelings. Many children experience more than one type of anxiety.

There are two program designed ages 7-12 (Cool Kids) and ages 12-17 (Chilled Out) Topics covered in the program include:

Students: Aged 8-12 (Cool Kids), Aged 13-17 (Chilled Out)

Chilled Out is suitable for a child/teen if:
– Anxiety is the main problem causing the child/teen difficulty
– Anxiety is affecting his or her day-to-day life, and
– The child/teen can read and write in English (e.g. read a magazine or newspaper and complete written forms).

Chilled Out/Cool Kids is not suitable if a child/teen:
– Has a significant learning delay
– Anxiety is not the main cause of difficulties (for example if oppositional or aggressive behaviour is the main problem)
– For children or teens who are suicidal or who are self-harming

Format: 10x 1.5 hour sessions with the child/teen; 2x 1.5 hour parent session and 2x 30 minute individual parent sessions

Duration: 10 weeks

Requirements: Each child/teen and parent will need a Cool Kids/Chilled activity booklet

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We will be delivering Online Cognitive Assessment (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fifth Ed- WISC-V) soon via online video link. To register your interest, please get in touch with us.

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