Group Therapy Sessions

Online Group Therapy Sessions for Mental Health & Connection

At Psychology Link Australia, we offer telehealth counseling and group therapy sessions designed to promote mental health and foster connections among group members. Our online group therapy sessions are led by experienced mental health professionals who are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for individuals seeking help and understanding.
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Understanding Group Therapy Session

Group therapy session is a well-established mental health treatment modality that brings together a small group of people to address specific mental health concerns. Through guided discussions and group therapy activities, members learn from one another and work together to develop new skills and strategies to cope with their mental health conditions.

Types of Online Group Therapy Sessions

There are several types of group therapy available. Cool Kids & SAS are the two group therapy options we provide at PLA. They focus on different aspects of mental health treatment, such as providing education, teaching coping skills, or addressing substance abuse.

Telehealth Group Therapy Sessions: A Modern Approach

Our online telehealth online group therapy sessions bring the power of group therapy right to your home. Through a secure video platform, members can participate in therapy sessions and engage with other group members from the comfort and privacy of their own space. This innovative approach to group treatment helps break down barriers to access, making mental health services more readily available to those in need.

The Group Therapy Process

A typical group therapy session involves group members discussing their experiences and feelings, often guided by one or more online psychologists or therapists. Members are encouraged to offer support and feedback to one another, fostering a sense of group cohesiveness and interpersonal learning.

Start Your Journey From Home With Our Telehealth Group Therapy

Online group therapy sessions have the potential to transform lives by providing a supportive environment for individuals to address their mental health concerns and connect with others who share similar experiences. With the convenience of telehealth group therapy, accessing mental health support has never been easier. Discover the power of group therapy with us today.

How to Join Our Telehealth Group Therapy Sessions

Getting started with our online group therapy sessions is easy. Explore our website to discover more about our services and sign up for a session that best suits your needs.
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Step 1

Choose Your Psychologist

Select from our team of registered psychologists by viewing their area of training and experience. Choose based on what will best suit your needs. If you are still unsure after reading each of their profiles, please contact us, to have a discussion with our helpful staff.

Step 2

Book Your Appointment

Once you have chosen your therapist, you will be redirected to their online booking platform. Select a time and day from the available appointments in your therapist's calendar, that best works for group therapy sessions.

Step 3

Contact Information

Once you have selected your preferred online group therapy sessions, you will be prompted to complete your basic contact information to secure your appointment. Only the therapist you have booked with can see your contact information.

Step 4

Check Your Email

Once you have booked your telehealth group therapy, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a secure link to your video consultation. When it is time for your group therapy session, click on the link to join and speak with your therapist.

Step 5

Consent Form

If it is your first time using Psychology Link Australia, you will be sent an email with a link to complete a confidential Consent Form. Please complete this form ahead of your scheduled group therapy session - your psychologist will use the information provided to tailor their therapeutic support to your needs. Learn more about our privacy and security here.

Step 6

Attending Your Group Therapy Session

When it is time, find a comfortable and private space for your group therapy session. Click on the secure video link. You will first enter a virtual waiting room and your psychologist will invite you in when it is time to begin. If it is your first session, your psychologist will have a discussion with you around your current difficulties to formulate the best approach to support you or your family/child.

Step 7

Making a Payment

If you are required to make a payment for your group therapy session, your psychologist will send you an invoice with the amount, due date and payment options. Bulk billing is supported in eligible circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Group Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy focuses on a one-on-one relationship between the therapist and the client, addressing the client’s specific concerns and needs. In contrast, group therapy involves multiple clients participating in a group setting, allowing for shared experiences, learning from one another, and developing connections with other group members.

Group therapy session can be beneficial for individuals dealing with various mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or relationship issues. If you feel that sharing your experiences and learning from others in a supportive environment might be helpful, group therapy could be a good fit for you.

Research has shown that telehealth group therapy can be just as effective as in-person sessions, with the added benefits of increased accessibility and convenience. Participants can engage in therapy sessions from the comfort of their own homes, making it easier for those with limited transportation or other barriers to attend.

We prioritise the privacy and security of our clients. Our telehealth psychologist in Australia platform uses encryption to protect all communication between group members and therapists. 

The frequency of group therapy sessions varies depending on the specific group, but most groups meet once a week for about 1 to 2 hours per session. This regular schedule allows for consistent progress and support throughout the treatment process.

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